Chicken Wings Are More Expensive. Before the Big Game

Buffalo-style wings have been around since 1964, but they didn't become a game-time snack until the 1980s.

The National Chicken Council says two trends combined poultry and pigskin. Because Americans preferred lean boneless breast meat over whole chickens, wings became a cheap byproduct.

 While new technology—satellite and cable TV—provided bars and restaurants with more in-house entertainment, especially sports, they started selling these cheap afterthoughts.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will compete for the NFL's Lombardi Trophy on Feb. 12. Millions of Americans will watch on TV and eat chicken wings.

The National Chicken Council will release its Big Game chicken wing forecast soon. 1.42 billion wings last year. History suggests that number will increase this year.

The average national retail price for whole wings is $2.62 per pound, up 7% since last week and almost 56% since July, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, homebound consumers paid $3.25 per pound for comfort food.

Prices can continue to rise with two more reporting periods before kickoff. "Next week should be a barn burner," the USDA said in its latest chicken retail report last Friday.

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