Cat drinking lots of water: should you worry?

If your cat has been drinking a lot of water, you should be concerned. Pet parents may wonder if this is normal or if there is a medical issue.

The answer is complicated. There are many reasons for your cat's increased water intake, some serious and some not.

Some cats like the taste of cool, fresh water, especially running water. These cats may run when you turn on the sink or fill their bowl or best water fountain with fresh water. If your cat has always loved water, this is likely a preference rather than a medical issue. 

Diet can also make cats thirstier. Even the best dry cat food can cause this. However, extreme thirst can indicate a medical condition like diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Cats need how much water daily?

How do I know if my cat drinks too much water? Without knowing how much your cat should drink, you can't tell if they're drinking too much.

You can find out, though. Your vet can calculate whether your cat drinks too much if you measure it. Most cats should not drink more than 45 ml of water per pound per day. An 8-pound cat shouldn't drink more than 363 ml of water per day.

You can estimate how much your cat drinks by measuring the water in its bowl at the start and end of the day.

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