Best Compatibility For Each Zodiac Sign 

Aries and Libra have a loving relationship. These two signs' opposite personalities work well in love, contrary to popular belief.

Best compatibility: Libra


The shared likes and dislikes make Taurus-Cancer relationships great. You prefer staying in your pyjamas and ordering takeout to going out.

Best compatibility: Cancer


A Gemini-Sagittarius relationship is relationship goals for many. Your deep roots satisfy sexually and emotionally.

Best compatibility: Sagittarius


This Cancer-Capricorn match works because it's more like yin and yang than similar. This relationship works well because Capricorn loves things Cancer hates and vice versa.

Best compatibility: Capricorn


Leo-Aquarius relationships are unstoppable. Both signs enjoy having fun and being independent. This partnership is independent but loving.

Best compatibility:Aquarius


A Virgo-Pisces pairing is divine. You two are so kind and easygoing that big love comes naturally.

Best compatibility:Pisces


Libra and Gemini are fun together because you both enjoy socialising but have different energies. Libra welcomes everyone in a group, while Gemini is chatty and will talk to anyone.

Best compatibility: Gemini


Scorpio-Aquarius relationships are cool but fiery. Despite their fundamental differences, they agree that this partnership is exciting. Their sex is off the charts, and they start trends before they become trends.

Best compatibility: Aquarius


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