bad habits of every zodiac sign

Another bad habit for Aries is interrupting. Less coffee, active listening, and deep breathing can reduce impulsivity.


Leos are the most confident sign, but their vices are insecurity and jealousy. Appearances become overvalued. Make sure their needs are met to avoid insecurity and these habits.


Personally, Sagittarius can say what they don't mean, which can lead to broken promises. However, it's usually because they like their independence.


Geminis are often late, bored, and scattered, making them difficult to be around. Geminis need only gratitude and mindfulness.


Libras avoid conflict by overcommitting. That can lead to shirking previous commitments. Libras must prioritise.


Their minds are constantly processing information, so they stay up late, skip meals, and zone out during conversations. Aquarius needs screen-time rules.


They love staying in to deal with their heightened sensitivity, but it can quickly become a bad habit of watching too much TV, eating too much sweets, or isolating themselves. Cancers should confide in a loved one.


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