Astrologers' Least Emotional Zodiac Sign

You likely know several heartbreakers. They cry easily, frown when they hear bad news, and express their emotions at every gathering. You probably know some people who act differently. Instead of showing you their inner world, they sometimes seem cold as ice—or at least very capable of monitoring their emotions.


This sign won't reveal its secrets. Scorpios can feel too deeply, but they don't show it. It takes a lot for them to trust others enough to share their emotions." .


"Money, possessions, and resources matter to them. Their Bull symbol represents strength and stability, allowing them to steadily pursue power without regard for others." Instead of asking about their coworkers' hobbies and relationships, they'll talk about their professional development courses.


It can be cold. "Aries are known to be emotionless, aggressive, competitive, and determined to succeed and conquer." Like the mythical Ram, their symbol, they never give up, especially when it comes to power, putting emotions aside." They want to be the best at everything—especially in their career—and may not care who they hurt.


Aquarius simply doesn't care to let others in. "Aquarians tend to be aloof and unconcerned with emotions, preferring to spend their time immersed in their own unique and rebellious pursuits. "


Another sign that's focused on goals rather than emotions. "Capricorn is logical and strategic, caring more about facts and solutions than emotions." Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the god of restrictions and responsibility, has little time for emotions." This sign struggles with emotional conversations. Francis says they also seem disinterested.


Gemini—the least emotional. Berry says this sign hides its true feelings. "They have the keen ability to improvise their emotions and be a totally different person or two-faced, hence their symbol of the Twins. "A Gemini's adaptable and alert personality allows them to lie without breaking a sweat to avoid showing true emotions."

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