Animal facts that will frighten you

Unique animals are everywhere. Some are freaky! These animals are creepy, from eating their own eggs to cannibalism.

Scorpions die of constipation after losing their tails.

Strange scorpion anatomy! They excrete near the stinger. Defecation is lost when they shed their tails. Constipation kills slowly.

Bored ducks become cannibals

Ducks cannibalise for unknown reasons. It's linked to boredom, overcrowding, and poor ventilation.

Swarms of fruit flies are swingers

Fruit flies want more than bananas. They're arousing a large group before mating.

Petting birds turns them on

Birds enjoy being stroked. Birds mate by stroking each other's heads and backs.

The greater short-horned lizard squirts blood out of its eyes

As horrifying as it sounds, the short-horned lizard uses this defence mechanism. Blood from its eye sockets is its last defence against predators.

Ladybugs have a disturbing snack

Ladybugs lay 1,000 gold-colored eggs per season, but not all hatch. They eat their eggs when prey is scarce.

Many koalas suffer from chlamydia

Koalas have suffered from evolution. They pee, poop, and reproduce through the cloaca. Chlamydia infects many of them.

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