adorable dogs Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: German Shepherd

You're always moving if you were born March 21–April 19. Aries, ruled by Mars, the planet of action and energy, is a competitive, outdoorsy leader. You love and cherish your loved ones. A German Shepherd is active, playful, and loyal like you.

Taurus: Italian Greyhound

Venus rules your sensuality and practicality. You enjoy working hard and playing hard as a connoisseur. An Italian Greyhound is the perfect dog for your calm and protective nature.

Gemini: Jack Russell Terrier

Air sign Gemini loves socialising and exploring new places. Your astrological personality matches a dog that loves parks, long walks, and doggy daycare. Jack Russell Terriers are playful, smart, adaptable, and easy to train.

Cancer: Border Collie

Cancers are nurturers and homebodies. Cancers are family-oriented and value their relationships, so you'll want a dog that gets along with kids and other pets. Border Collies are ideal. Border Collies are loyal and intelligent.

Leo: Golden Retriever

You're a charismatic Leo who takes life head-on. Your bright, bold dog will match your sense of adventure, which drives most of your decisions. Golden Retrievers have golden coats and gentle personalities. Leo, this breed is like you—regal, smart, and fun.

Virgo: Sheltie

You're dependable and don't fear big jobs or dreams. The Sheltie, a hardworking and affectionate dog, matches your sensitive and giving nature. You'll easily understand each other, and a daily walk and playtime routine will give you structure.

Libra: Samoyed

Libra, you jet-set and party because you're diplomatic and tactful. The Samoyed, a friendly, intelligent, and independent dog, suits you best. Samoyeds, like you, enjoy companionship and solitude. You'll make an engaging pair.

Sagittarius: Brittany Spaniel

Sagittarius is a free spirit always looking for the next big adventure. You're not bound by location or ideology like other signs. You prefer immersion to test your beliefs and learn about others. Brittany Spaniels, like you, are energetic and free-spirited. Brittanys are quick, curious, and always looking for fun.

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