According to your zodiac chart your fortune which will be very good

Jupiter determines astrological luck. Jupiter represents luck, expansion, prosperity, and bounty.

Jupiter joins the sun or moon.

Jupiter sextiles the sun, which is also lucky and supportive. "When these two powerhouse planets meet, people are often kind and generous."

Jupiter sextile the sun

Our North Node indicates success North Node can bring luck, even though it's uncomfortable. Jupiter enhances it.

Jupiter conjunct North Node

Lucky Sagittarius risings, too. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so Jupiter rules your chart. Jupiter-ruled people see life positively.

Sagittarius rising

Venus is second-luckiest after Jupiter, the benefic planet. "Venus attracts our universe. Its energy attracts. It gets benefits without effort."

Venus in the 1st house of self

"Venus energy attracts people, so this placement opens up career, award, and achievement opportunities. You may be lucky in getting your foot in the door, being in the right place at the right time, or rising quickly."

Venus in the 10th house of career

Venus in the 7th house of relationships means relationships (whether intimate, friendship, or business) come easily and bring you happiness.

Venus in the 7th house of relationships

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