Experts Say Everyone Misses 9 Relationship Red Flags

1. Confused.

Shafner warns against relationship confusion. "Don't ignore that uneasy feeling in your gut," she advises. Be honest about what you want from the relationship and whether you're getting it.

2 They don't ask you questions or seem truly interested in you.

Do they talk about themselves without asking you anything? Shafner cautions against this behaviour. "Ask about your day? Does your opinion matter? If not, a major red flag.

3 One or both of you rejects calls for attention.

Telling your partner what you're thinking or feeling, asking a question, inviting them to do something, or kissing, smiling, or laughing are examples. "Unsuccessful couples ignore invitations." They either can't find them or ignore them to avoid connecting with their partner.

4 You never fight.

I always think a relationship is weaker when couples say they don't fight. Avoiding conflict isn't a sign of a healthy relationship, and couples who say they don't fight often keep their issues bottled up." Stifling their true feelings can lead to resentment.

5 You feel more like yourself with other people.

However, this doesn't mean your relationship is doomed. Raskin tells Best Life, "Sometimes periods of disconnection happen in long-term relationships and you can re-find that connection through vulnerable (and maybe uncomfortable) conversations, or by spending more quality time together."

6 You think your partner won't do anything.

Assuming your partner would never skydive or cheat is a simple example. "If a person believes their partner would 'never' do or think this or that, it means they might have an idea of their partner instead of seeing them as a whole, complex person." Due to their mindset, that kind of thinking can cause a person to miss both subtle and overt signs.

7 You conceal your relationship concerns.

Are you sure? Your inner voice saying no is a major red flag." ц These thoughts left unaddressed can cause relationship disconnect.

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