9 of the Most Famous Dogs of All Time

Marley, Marley & Me

"They were bred and trained to retrieve, as their name implies. Labradors are still used for their original purpose, but they are also great family pets and guide dogs."

Beethoven, Beethoven

The beloved 1992 film's Ludwig van Beethoven-named St. Bernard pup. The film used this breed because they are trustworthy, kind, and smart.

Slinky, Toy Story

Dachshund Slinky is a Toy Story favourite. "Dachshunds are brave despite their small size. Dachshunds are scent hounds, so they have sensitive noses and were originally bred to hunt and track vermin and badgers. They are intelligent, faithful, and good-tempered, like Slinky from Toy Story."

Lady, Lady and The Tramp

This Lady and the Tramp clip is a cartoon classic. The 1955 Walt Disney animated film follows these cute puppies. Lady, an American Cocker Spaniel, is a stylish and popular companion dog.

Toto, The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy smiles with Toto, her Cairn Terrier. This touching musical is a classic. Why this breed? The Cairn Terrier, a native Scottish breed, is named after a small stone outcrop found in highland moors. The breed is strong, active, and fearless.

Babe: Pig in The City

The Babe: Pig in the City Jack Russell Terrier on wheels is another favourite. Despite their size, Jack Russell Terriers are energetic, fearless, confident, and friendly.

Lassie, Lassie Come Home

Much-loved Rough Collie Lassie is brave, smart, and loyal. Rough Collies are friendly and make great family pets, which is why one was cast in this beloved family film. They are active and friendly with children and other dogs.

Bruiser, Legally BlondeE

Hollywood's most famous dog is Bruiser, Elle Wood's Chihuahua. These dogs are active and lively "Companion dogs love attention. Bruiser entertains Elle at Harvard and throughout the film. Like his owner, he has personality.

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