8 Things You Should Never Add to Your Smoothie

Fat-free or low-fat flavored yogurt

Yogurt is a popular smoothie creamer. . Fage 0% Greek Yogurt has 18 grammes of protein and 5 grammes of sugar—none added. This adds nutrients to your smoothie and keeps you fuller.

Canned fruit

Canned fruit is the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way to add your favourite produce to your smoothie, but most varieties are packed in syrups that increase your sugar count. The half-cup Dole Tropical Fruit Salad has 11 grammes of added sugar. Try fresh fruit to avoid added sugars and enjoy its natural sugars. Frozen fruit retains nutritional value, lasts longer, and makes smoothies creamier.

Chocolate-Hazelnut spread

Hazelnuts contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats like other nuts. Antioxidants in cocoa give chocolate health benefits. .

Added sweeteners

. Instead of sugar, you choose honey or maple syrup. Despite being less processed, natural sweeteners add a lot of sugar to your drink. Honey has 17 grammes of sugar per tablespoon. Maple syrup has 12 grammes of sugar per tablespoon.

Sugary fruit juice

Like flavoured yoghurt, fruit juice adds sugar to your smoothie. First, avoid store-bought "real juice" fruit cocktails. Minute Maid Cranberry Cocktail, with 53 grammes of added sugar, and Simply Fruit Punch, with 21 grammes, are just water, sugar, and fruit juice concentrate.


Boozy, frozen fruit drinks should be reserved for special occasions. A smoothie with alcohol is probably a daiquiri. Liquor adds calories, sugar, and makes it harder to drink just one smoothie. .

Too much of a good thing

There are some common smoothie ingredients, such as nut butters, avocado, and coconut oil, that are considered healthy and provide the consumer with a burst of helpful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, there is always the possibility of "too much of a good thing" in the case of smoothies, so it's important to watch your portion sizes.

Ice cream

We know it's tempting to add your favourite ice cream or frozen yoghurt to make that smoothie extra sweet and creamy. If you want a healthier smoothie, don't use ice cream. It will turn your smoothie into a dessert-style milkshake, which sounds delicious.

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