5 Signs That You Grew Up Poor


Odd hoarding of things you probably should have gotten rid of out of fear you won't be able to replace them. I keep a stack of broken boxes in case I have to move again. Despite their space, I can't get rid of those boxes even though I make a decent salary and have lived here for nearly 7 years. Under the bed, behind the dresser... I have them.”


Poor people's psychosis is hoarding. Like minimalist living, the wealthy dream of it. I'd love to live in a minimalist space where you can get what you need when you need it instead of keeping every extra screw in case you need one again.

4.Cheap Dining Options

High school best friend invited me to Disney World. For the first part of the week, I ordered cheeseburgers in every restaurant while my friend and his parents ordered big steaks and seafood. My friend's dad asked me if I was a picky eater as we walked back to the hotel. No. He asked why I ordered the same thing every time we went out. I said, "That's what I usually order when I go out to eat."

3.Clothing at a Discount

“I only buy Ralph from an outlet (I'm too poor to buy it full price not that I would regardless). Winners, a Canadian store, sells overstock at a discount. There are crazy brand-name deals! They probably have polos too.”

2.Poor Dental Health

“It's personal. Dental care is so expensive that I'm spending a fortune in my mid-30s. My dental health was okay as a kid, but I didn't get braces and other things when I should have, which caused problems. Even with health insurance for most of adulthood, everything was too expensive.

2.Poor Dental Health

I'm stuck in a cycle of paying exorbitant amounts to fix emergency issues, having nothing left to address fundamental issues, and repeating the process a few years later.

1.Won’t Waste Food

I try not to say "there's still a couple bites left there if you scrape around the bowl" because I don't want her to think I'm weird or pushy. I ensure she never goes hungry. She can leave bites if she's full. Even though I know I can always eat, it's not okay for me.”

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