4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Shy. but likes you

Dating is complicated, and you never know what someone is thinking unless you ask them—if they're honest. Astrology can help you understand your love interest if you know their zodiac sign.

If you like someone who is a little hot and cold, shy, or seems to have a mutual attraction but is hesitant to act on it, they may be one of four zodiac signs that will take forever to admit they like you.

Taurus is slow in everything. Reed says they see no need to rush. They take it day by day and see what happens. If you're ready to marry, this laid-back vibe can be difficult. But don't push bulls. They'll fight if you do.”


Virgos are cautious with their hearts, so they take their time expressing themselves. They're perfectionists and don't want to confess their feelings to someone who doesn't share them or isn't right for them. You may feel like they're judging you against an impossible standard.


Saturn rules Capricorns. This makes them formal, reserved, and "stiff" when it comes to love. Like Virgo, they hesitate to confess because they want to make the right choice.


Scorpio, a fixed water sign, expects loyalty from their partner. They're also private and won't open up unless they're safe. “They're mysterious, and it's hard to read their minds,”


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