10 Ridiculous Things Men Must Explain To Adult Women

1. Blue Is for Water

One user describes a woman reading the inflight pamphlet on a plane. "Wow, I didn't realise the flight from San Diego to Houston is totally over water," she said. She thought the US was an island because the map showed powder blue outside the US.

2. West Virginia Is West of Virginia

Sometimes you're right when you say stupid things. You should have thought more deeply. One user told their mother that West Virginia is west of Virginia.

3. Don't Enter Your Card Information

It's hard to believe that people still don't understand and don't put payment information on unknown sites. This lady wasn't told.

4. Better To Buy Direct

Sometimes third-party online purchases offer better discounts or perks. But you must buy them from a third party.

5. Sarcasm Is Lost on Some

Not everyone appreciates sarcasm. A sarcastic joke can make a nervous or afraid person feel worse.

6. Turn Around in Elevators

Elevators are confusing. Step in, turn around, and press the floor button. The doors close and the elevator moves. That's not confusing, so maybe this user was surprised by her boss's confusion.

7. Stick To Your Specialty

Even smart people make mistakes. So maybe it's best to specialise. "I know a chemical engineer who is a genius in that discipline and can just about work magic," one user wrote. Unfortunately, she gave up after an hour installing a child's car seat.”

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