10 Hobbies That Immediately Make You More Attractive


You stroke rhythmically and have good hands. Since you have the skills, you can confidently wear sexy rock star clothes. Virtual instruments like "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" can affect men but not women.


When there's fire and glass, you have to be a pro with your hands. Also, the name includes the word "blow."


Everyone's heart is in their stomach. Honey, if you can heat up the kitchen, you can do anything in the bedroom.


You are flexible, have a toned body, and know how to get into all the right positions. Even telling a guy you're a dancer can make him drool.


From exercise to sexercise, taking care of your body lets you show it off and use it. Wear yoga pants only to class. "Project RunwayLaura "'s warned us.


You're an exhibitionist with lots of spare lingerie, sexual confidence, and striptease skills. H-O-T. This DVD can teach you boudoir techniques.


Surfing and snowboarding, which require cute clothes and cool stunts, are boner bait. It's great because guys usually do the same thing.

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