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Pros & Cons of Capturing the First Moment

    Pros & Cons of Capturing the First Moment

    You must be aware of the trend of getting a much-anticipated “first look” moment if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years. A nervous bride approaches her worried groom, taps the back of his shoulder, and the emotional response of the anxious groom to his lovely wife is revealed. It seems like something out of a fairytale, and everyone is doing it these days.

    Even while the first glance has become increasingly popular, some couples still adhere to custom (or superstition) and save that unique moment for the altar.

    Why then do it? If not, why not? You get to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before you make a decision.

    Pro: a First Look Will Allow More Time for Photos . . . and Therefore, More Photos Overall

    Without a first glance, pictures are typically taken during the cocktail hour that follows your wedding. As a result of the short turnaround time and the waiting guests, you will be under increased time pressure. However, if you have a first look before the wedding, you can schedule hours to acquire all the ideal pictures you’ve imagined.

    Con: Your Day Will Have to Start Much Earlier

    You’ll need to start your day early because the photography procedure must be created before the ceremony. As a result, you will have less time in the day to finish your hair and makeup routine, get the wedding party dressed and ready, etc.

    Pro: You’ll Have More Time to Actually Enjoy Your Wedding

    You’ll get to mingle and have fun with your guests during cocktail hour if you have a first look and complete all (or most) of your wedding photos beforehand!

    Con: Your Wedding Party and Family Might Get Bored During Pre-Wedding Photos

    Your family and wedding party will have to stand around for a large portion of the time you spend taking images if you spend several hours in advance. The rest of the company will be left behind because they won’t be in all the photos, but you and your fiancé will be whisked away to shoot “sweetheart” pictures.

    Pro: It Will Settle Your and Your Fiancé’s Nerves Before the Ceremony

    There is a lot of anticipation leading up to the ceremony on the day of; you know you’ll have to speak in front of a large audience, that everyone will be watching you, that you’ll be on video, and that you want everything to go flawlessly. So having jitters is very natural! However, you should feel more at ease and confident that you are in this together if you see your fiancé before everything happens.

    Con: It Takes Away That “Special Moment” at the Altar

    No matter what, the day of your wedding will be memorable since it will be the first time you and your fiancé have met. A first glance, however, it will prevent you from having that special moment at the aisle or altar.

    However, even if you could miss that unique sense throughout the ceremony, your visitors will likely experience everything the same. You don’t have to disclose to your guests that you previously took images of each other! They may not even be aware that you are meeting for the first time at that point, yet they will still experience the magic.

    Pro: a First Look Will Be More Private and Intimate Than the Ceremony

    Okay, so your first look won’t be private because your photographer and perhaps some of your wedding party will be in the vicinity. However, fewer people will be witnessing you and your fiancé share that moment than if you were to share it with all of your ceremony guests.

    Con: or . . . It Could Be Awkward

    You can feel artificial and uneasy in what is intended to be a candid moment with your photographer and filmmaker filming you. But instead, the fact that you will see your fiancé for the first time at the ceremony means that you don’t need to think about how you will react or say.

    Pro: If You’re Worried About Crying, a First Look Might Get That Out of the Way

    If you cry, you’ll have time to fix your makeup before the wedding.

    Con: Your bouquet or dress could get damaged

    When it comes to the ceremony, your bouquet or boutonnieres may look dried up and wilted if you take a lot of your shots outside in the sun. Your wedding dress’ bottom may more likely take up some grit and dirt… and you’ll need to highlight that as you proceed down the aisle.

    Still, trying to figure out what to do or in need of making concessions to your fiance? Think of a “first touch” – you’ll still get to spend time together before everything gets crazy without destroying the surprise at the aisle! You might put on blindfolds and hold hands around a corner while talking, praying, or enjoying quiet time together.

    You might also think about having a first date without your companion! Then, in front of your wedding party, plan a reveal! Or request that the photographer take pictures of your parent(s) seeing you for the first time. These “first stares” between couples are frequently as unfiltered and emotional as they appear to be.

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