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Ideas for Valentine’s Wedding Day

    Ideas for Valentine's Wedding Day

    The most romantic day of the year is the perfect time for two individuals to declare their love and commitment to one another for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, we completely understand if you don’t want to go crazy with a theme for your wedding. A wedding on Valentine’s Day may undoubtedly be understated and doing so in the most lovely way possible.

    1. Tell us about your romantic history.

    The celebration of love is the primary focus of Valentine’s Day. And the guests will have a great time learning more about how you two met and fell in love. Think of telling the narrative of how you first met, your first date together, and how he proposed as part of the specifics of your wedding day.

    2. Use Pink and Red in a Subtle Manner

    The colors red and pink are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. And even though it could look good in the sweets aisle of the store, there are better ideas than bringing something like that to a formal wedding. Instead, it would help if you thought about having a neutral palette with little flashes of blush and maroon throughout the design. You can choose colors like ivory, white, champagne, or dusty gray as your primary colors, and then add accents of pinks and reds through the floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, cake, mismatched goblets, and other elements. Try blush, dusty mauve, or burgundy instead of the typical pinks and reds found on Valentine’s Day candies. We also consider utilizing alternative shades of pink and red than those traditionally used.

    3. Amplify the Sentimentality by Including Cozy Components

    Your wedding day is sure to be a memorable and romantic occasion. So allow your guests to get comfortable and share in the warmth. For example, during cocktail hour, you may provide guests with a comfortable area to lounge in by setting up a corner with soft couches, throw pillows, and a blanket. Also, consider providing visitors with blankets and hot chocolate when they attend the wedding. And if your location has a fireplace, that adds to the merriment of the occasion.

    4. Go All-In with Extravagant Floral Patterns

    The color of the roses is red, the color of the violets is blue, and we adore extravagant flowers. Don’t you? Since Valentine’s Day is already known for celebrating the beauty of flowers, it only makes sense to go all out with the floral decorations at your wedding to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here, we’re talking about opulent aisle decor, cascading bouquets, rich arch florals, and over-extended table runners of greenery! Please inquire with your florist about their recommendations based on the design and color. Of course, the most natural choice would be roses. Damask roses and King Protea each contribute their distinctive shade of pink to the arrangement, giving it an air of delicacy. In addition, flowers such as burgundy astilbe, deep red calla lilies, dahlias, ranunculus, or anemones can be used in bouquets and centerpieces to create a striking contrast.

    5. A Shine of Emotional Passion

    Create an ambiance with some soft and intimate lighting. Please consider the warm glow of hanging bistro lights above you; this is a popular selection among the couples who come to us. And, of course, nothing screams “romantic” entirely as a supper served with candles. Consider placing an excessive number of candles throughout the area designated for your reception: on the tables, on the floor to highlight your love table, and on the mantle (if there is one). Put ten candles in each space that can accommodate a single one.

    6. Start a Playlist Comprised Entirely of Love Songs

    Sticking to a playlist full of love songs is an excellent approach to incorporating Valentine’s Day theme into a wedding in an understated way. Begin with your personal favorites, and then search for additional well-known love songs to add. And remember to ask your DJ for suggestions constantly; after all, that is why they are there in the first place!

    7. Candy

    Since it is Valentine’s Day, there must be some sweets present. Consider setting up a candy bar with treats in pink and red colors. You can provide your guests with a sweet treat and a wedding favor by placing plastic bags at the reception for them to take home.

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