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How to Choose Your Wedding Date

    How to Choose Your Wedding Date

    When a couple announces their engagement, one of the first questions is, “When is the big day?” If you’ve recently gotten engaged, it seems a bit much at first! While it’s essential to give relatives and friends plenty of notice so they can make travel plans, we recommend that your date be the last thing you decide. Instead, prioritize what’s most important – the wedding! Then, decide on a date based on your style and the weather.

    After all, your date won’t be in your photos. It will be different from what your guests will remember about your wedding, and whatever day you choose will be as unique as the day you got married! When you select a Wedgwood Weddings venue for your celebration, we can assist you with this and any other wedding-related decisions. Because we’re more than just stunning venues – we’re a team of wedding experts who will bring your vision to life.

    Vanity Dates

    Some holidays, such as Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, are famous for weddings. Or maybe you’re a Halloween couple! While these dates can be quite enjoyable and memorable, there are other considerations to consider when planning a vanity date wedding. For example, if you’re getting married near Valentine’s Day, the cost of your flowers will almost certainly go up. In addition, because New Year’s Eve is such a popular date for celebrations and parties, event services are typically more expensive that day.

    If you’re thinking of getting married on a holiday that spans a four-day weekend (such as Memorial Day), there are even more considerations to consider. Sure, you’ll have an extra day to celebrate, but if you’re bringing family from out of town, their flights will be more expensive. Also, if you want to go on your honeymoon soon after the wedding, your airfare will cost more than usual. Another thing to consider is that your visitors may have family rituals planned for some holiday they want to attend. Ultimately, you have to choose the best day, but it’s also wise to consider your guests.

    Supermoons and non-official holidays are two more options you may not have considered. Of course, you can always do your homework and find out when the supermoon is predicted to appear in the sky to add a romantic touch to your wedding day. Not a fan of astrology? See non-official holidays such as National Hugging Day or World Love Day. Maybe even Friday the 13th! Although Halloween is generally considered an unlucky day, some couples want to brave fate and celebrate this eerie day.

    Popular Wedding Dates

    2024 is full of possible wedding dates that will make your save-the-date look and feel fabulous! Of course, couples prefer dates with strong numerical patterns, so an extra two, twenty, or a date that adds up to twenty-two will be favored this year. According to Elite Daily, repeating numbers or dates with a pattern on invitations or signs can be charming and is predicted to be a major wedding trend for 2022 and 2023.

    The problem with choosing one of these lovely “two/four/two/four” dates is the competition. Unfortunately, you won’t be the only couple who realized that 2/4/2024 is a great date, so other engaged couples in your neighborhood may be competing for the same venue or vendors. Unless you’re set on getting married on one of these dates, it may be easier for everyone to choose the less popular option — especially if you’re on a budget.

    On the other hand, the advantage of picking a suitable date in your twenties is that you have 12 chances to date the pattern you want. In 2024, there will be 12 x /24/24, making them more accessible. /20/24 Consider it – it’s cute!

    You Be The Judge: Is June 12, 2024, An Ideal Wedding Date In 2024?

    Thinking Beyond Saturday Weddings

    Saturday has always been the most popular choice for wedding dates. However, in recent years, we have seen an increase in couples getting married on Friday, Sunday, Thursday, or even Monday. Consider getting married on a day other than a Saturday: it’s less expensive and sometimes more convenient. If you choose a Thursday, Friday, or Monday, your guests can make it a weekend and celebrate on days other than the actual wedding day. According to superstitions, Wednesday is the best day for marriage because it is less expensive.

    Consider alternate days of the week and different times of the day. Evening weddings are the most common, but previous marriages have their advantages! Consider a brunch wedding complete with mimosas, your waffle station, and a donut wall for your guests to enjoy! Plus, if you get married in the morning, you have more time to add an extra hour and celebrate longer! Choosing a unique time of day for your wedding is a great way to make it.

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